Food and Fellowship Ministry

We are starting a new Food & Fellowship Ministry that will be in charge of refreshments following worship and at ministry and community events on our campus. Please read the ministry profile in this morning's announcements and, if the Holy Spirit moves you to offer your spiritual gifts to the success of this vital ministry, contact the church office or Fr. Jackson.



                                 Vision Statement


Our church is a place where worshippers can find comfort, love, and acceptance, along with personal and spiritual sustenance.

Our ministry vision is that of nourishing folks in our church facility through food and fellowship. 

                                 Mission Statement


We serve all of God’s children who come to our campus for worship or other activities by preparing and maintaining a welcoming place where we provide and share food and fellowship for the mind, body and spirit, and in support of other ministries.


                                 Ministry Activity


Our ministry takes responsibility for providing - and/or accepting from other church members - excellent, creative, and inviting food and refreshments following worship services, as well as for church social and other ministry activities – such as those of our Church & Community Events Ministry and others.


We serve as a “clearing house” for all activities on our campus that require food and other refreshments. In that regard, we will, in advance of any such ministry or community group activity requiring food or other refreshments, meet with such ministry or community group to properly coordinate the scheduling and provision of food and other refreshments.


                           Ministry Membership


This ministry is open to anyone who worships at Good Shepherd, wishes to contribute to an environment and experience that keeps people coming back to our church, and wishes to offer all a sense of belonging by providing first-class, welcoming refreshments.


                             Ministry Leadership

The ministry leadership consists of a leader, who is supported by, and works with, a co-leader. After a two - year period, the co-leader will become the leader.


The leadership will: recruit people for the ministry; handle scheduling of members for worship services and other events; handle the coordination of events with other ministries and community groups; schedule periodic ministry meetings; periodically report to the Vestry and Rector on ministry progress, needs and budget requests; make oral or written reports and requests to the congregation as needed.

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